Taiwanese Cosplayer in 'Hot Water' For Posing Sexy In Military Uniform

The photos from Facebook page Momo Cat, showing Taiwanese Cosplayer in sexy military uniform cause debate when the Netizen saying the photos was humiliated the military image. The Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense instantly issued legal complaints, stating the woman damaged the military’s image and violated the Armed Forces Uniforms Act and the article 159 of the Offense of Interference with Public Order. She could face a fine of NT$500 ($16.70), which the minister is prepared to levy. The photos have been removed from the Facebook due to the controversy.

The Annual General Election AKB Girls 2018 Are Back!

The annual AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Official Guide Book 2018 [AKB48総選挙公式ガイドブック2018] or Senbatsu Election (選抜総選挙) is the event where fans can vote for "100 people who attract attention" from their favorite AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48 or Team Kaigai member. The result will be announced on June, 16th 2018. Some of beautiful members who have been nominated, asking for votes from their fans using their beautiful smiles and cleavage.

How Indonesian High School Student Celebrates When Graduate

The photos show how Indonesian high school student celebrates when they graduate. Some of them spray paint, write funny notes, drawing an anime on their school uniforms. They do this, probably they will not see each other after this.

Nakamura Tina Sexy Angels From Japan

Are you still remembering Nakamura Tina? A young girl age 11 do a bikini catwalk at Hakata Dontaku Festival in 2015? Sadly for this year 2018, she isn't performing any bikini catwalk or sexy dance, and we will miss that.

This Girl Either Too Hot Or Too Damn....?

The picture shows a sexy young Chinese girl riding a motorcycle with showing a real and juicy side breast. If you see her face, will your fantasy about her body is become true or fail? And will you still adore her?

Japanese Celebrates Condom Day And Young Girls Are Crazy For It

On every May 6th in Japan, netizen in Japan celebrates Condom Day. In Japanese, the numbers “5” and “6” can be pronounced as “go” and “mu” respectively, resulting in “gomu” when read together. Gomu may refer to rubber, latex, or a slang term for condoms, but obviously more people would rather celebrate the latter. And it seems like one of they ways they observe this anniversary is by posting photos of themselves posing with condoms.

Beautiful Nico Nico Super Conference 2018 Cosplayer And Booth Girls

Nico Nico Super Conference 2018 (ニコニコ超会議2018) is an event with the concept of recreating the “Nico Nico Video” in real time. It’s a video-sharing website in Japan, similar to YouTube. The Nico Nico Video user, are came from various exhibitors, Sumo, Pro-Wrestlers, Police, Self-Defense Forces, and cosplayer, jumbling together to making this event more interesting.

Thai Young Monks In Cyber Cafe

Perhaps is a bizarre view to see a monk in the cyber cafe but in Thai, M Cyber ​​E-sport Facebook shows a photo a few young monks were playing a game in the cyber cafe. But the netizens criticized the action of the game shop owner and the young monks, and ask the relevant agencies to check.

Japanese Baseball Stadium Beer Girls

Like America, Japan loves baseball, Japanese beer Girls or biiru no uriko selling a beer at baseball games in the Stadium are really cute and pretty. They are more attractive than the games. They are really friendly and allowed you to take a picture with them too. It’s rumored that the women hired for the job have to adhere to beauty standards, and can’t work past the age of 25.

Asia Smack Picdump

Another Asia Smack Picdump for you today.

MasterChef Roasted Over Malaysia Rendang Dish

It's funny when a person who are master in cooking does not know the real taste of another country cuisine and give a statement that they know everything. This happened to Judge John Torode and Gregg Wallace said Bristol-based Zaleha Kadir Olpin's chicken Rendang needed "crispy" skin.

A Woman Taking A Pee In The Subway?

Recently, a Hong Kong Netizen was posting a picture on the Facebook and said that when he took the subway in Hong Kong, he was shocked to see a young woman probably taking a pee in the subway. He said that he did not want to judge, but he felt very sad.

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another Asia Smack picdump for the end of this month.

Hauptharmonie Japanese Girls Rock Idols With A Fancy Night Event!

If you are fans of J-Pop music, you must be familiar with the words "fans handshake event". A special handshake event by a group Hauptharmonie (ハウプトハルモニー) to gain and appreciate the fans who loyally for buying their albums become a hot topic by Netizen because the event are totally different from the usual handshake event by other Japanese Idol groups.